The Gift of Holy Spirit
The Power To Be Like Christ


Power. Power to excel in all that life throws at you. Power to heal, help, and comfort those in need. If you are a Christian, knowing the power of God that lives within you will give you a real confidence in who you are and what you can do. Here are some excerpts from the book, which you can buy for a life-changing read.


From the Introduction, page 1...

As we understand what "the holy spirit" is and how we receive it, we can manifest the power of holy spirit in our lives and receive great blessings. After all, God, by way of the Lord Jesus, gave the gift of holy spirit to equip and enable each Christian to bless the Body of Christ and mankind in general. This gift gives each Christian real spiritual power that he can use day by day. As Jesus said, "But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit [holy spirit] comes on you…" (Acts 1:8a). The power that each Christian has is very real, and very helpful. Scripture declares that the power of holy spirit is "for the common good" (1 Cor. 12:7b). It is good for the individual, good for the Body of Christ, and even good for all mankind, because all those in your world are blessed when you walk in God's power.

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From Chapter 1 – It's Greek to Me, page 6...

The Greek word for "spirit" is pneuma, and just as English has many definitions of "spirit," Greek has many definitions of pneuma. The Greek noun pneuma comes from the verb pneo, "to blow or breathe." Thus, to the ancient Greeks, pneuma was "breath," and it came to be associated with invisible things that exerted a force or power. A good Greek Lexicon will show that besides breath, pneuma also was the Greek word for wind. Our English word "pneumatic" ("air powered") comes from the Greek word pneuma, and so does our word "pneumonia," a disease of the lungs.

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From Appendix A - The Administration of the Sacred Secret, page 189...

As we begin to study the particulars of this administration, we must constantly keep in mind that what we have in Christ was a secret not revealed to anyone until after the resurrection of Christ. Not understanding that, many Christians teach that the Old Testament or Gospels foretold the things that we have today, such as secure salvation. Not so. If God says that the things revealed to and for us did not even enter into the heart of man until after Jesus was crucified, then that must be the case, even if there are similarities between what we have today and what was foretold for Israel's future and the Millennial Kingdom. Throughout history, people knew there were future administrations coming that would have new rules and blessings, but they did not know about the Administration of the Sacred Secret, which God kept hidden.

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Table of Contents
It's Greek to Me • The Giver and The Gift • Power From On High • God's Gift of Holy Spirit • The Messiah and the Gift of Holy Spirit • The Gift of Holy Spirit Today • Your Liquid Asset • Walking in Power: The Manifestations of Holy Spirit • "To one…to another" • Speaking in Tongues • Revelation and the Gift of Holy Spirit • Co-workers with God

The Administration of the Sacred Secret • Usages of "Spirit" in the New Testament • "The Promised Holy Spirit" • Reasons "Holy Spirit" is One of the Names of God or the Gift of God • "Slain in the Spirit"



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