Is There Death After Life?


Speak to the dead and hear from deceased loved ones? Is this possible? Are séances real? Is it God's will or a counterfeit? What happens if you die? Is it the end, or is it a temporary pause before a new beginning? Do you know that some people on earth will escape death altogether? Here are some excerpts from the book, which you can buy for a life-changing read.


From the Introduction, page 1...

Traditionally, the orthodox Church has taught that the human "soul" is immortal. Thus it survives death, which affects only the physical body. The soul goes consciously either to "heaven," to be in the presence of God, or to "hell," a place where the soul is aware of separation from God and is tormented for eternity. However, upon careful study, it is clear that Scripture says differently. In fact, there is not one verse in the Bible that speaks of anyone who has died being alive in heaven with Jesus Christ.

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From Chapter 1 – Consequences of Believing Satan's Lie, page 3...

Perhaps you recall that Satan's first recorded utterance in Scripture was a challenge to the veracity of God's Word. Satan said, "…Did God really say, 'You must not eat from any tree in the garden'?" (Gen. 3:1-NIV). This deceptive misquote of God's revealed Word led to his second utterance, "…Ye shall not surely die" (Gen. 3:4), which was just the opposite of what God had said to Adam.

page 4...

Death, both spiritual and physical, was the result of man's believing Satan's lie. The idea that there is really no such thing as death is still being promoted today, even within the Christian Church. Satan's purpose has remained the same: to promote the idea that humans do not actually die, but go on living after their death whether they believe God's Word or not. In this way, he obscures the light of the Good News of Christ and his resurrection, one's only hope of deliverance from death unto everlasting life.

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Table of Contents
Consequences of Believing Satan's Lie • What is the "Soul"? • What is Death? • Where are the Dead? • In What State of Being Are the Dead? • When Will the State of "Sleep" End? • Difficult Scriptures Explained



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