Don’t Blame God
A Biblical Answer to the Problem of
Evil, Sin, and Suffering


Look at all the pain and suffering in the world. Why would a loving God allow this to happen? Why do bad things happen to good people? Is God really on your side, and is He really doing all He can to help you in every situation? Here are some excerpts from the book, which you can buy for a life-changing read.


From the Introduction, page 2...

The Bible says in Hebrews 11:6 that if one wants to come near to God, he must believe first that He exists, and second that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. How many people have been discouraged from believing in God because they have been taught that the "reward" they will get from Him is evil or suffering? How much better had they been taught the truth of God's Word that when He does bless those who diligently seek Him, "… He adds no trouble to it" (Prov. 10:22). God's Word is truth, and it will give you a firm foundation to believe not only that God is love, but also that God fervently loves you. Once you see what He has done for you in the gift of His Son, what He wants to do for you in this life and what He will do for you in the future, you will very likely love Him in return.

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From Chapter 1 – Is God the Problem? page 13...

Does the God who teaches us that the end does not justify the means then deal with us as if it did? We think not. If God is somehow responsible for mankind's misery, if He could stop it but doesn't, if He has "reasons" because somehow this is all part of some unseen "plan" that will work to His glory, then He does not practice what He preaches.

page 18...

It is noteworthy that Darwin studied for the ministry, but eventually rejected the Christian faith. Apparently, whatever he was taught laid the blame for human suffering on God. Not being able to bring himself to believe that "a beneficent and omnipotent God" could be responsible for the suffering in the world, he concluded that there must be no God. If the teaching Darwin received was anything like what most Christians have been taught about this subject, his disillusionment is understandable. Only God knows how many millions of others have turned away from Him for this same reason.

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Table of Contents
Is God the Problem? • Sin is the Problem • Jesus Christ is the Solution • Old Testament or New—Which One is True? • God is Good (with Figures!) • What About Job? • The Justice and Judgments of God • Does God Have Absolute Foreknowledge? • Consequences of Living in a Fallen World • Life Is Not a Big Puppet Show • Keep the Faith • Other Factors in the Spiritual Battle • The Fatherly Discipline of God • Two Teachers, Two Tests • God's Infinite Resourcefulness • The Redemptive Value of Suffering • His Strength In Our Weakness



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